Alcatel OneTouch 3 PIXI: Tablet Android 10 Inch Affordable and with 3G Connection

Alcatel remains focused on its strategy to bring affordable devices to the market. After launching several smartphones by 2015, close the year with Pixi 3, a 10 inch Android tablet that seeks to make is a gap in the much-disputed models fork that is below 200 euros. It is not the most powerful but its features are enough for anyone looking for an affordable model.

The French firm owned by TCL launches in Spain two versions of the Pixi 3. A model with WiFi connectivity and the other with 3 additional G. Also in ambios models purchase may be accessory to become a female USB microUSB of Tablet and thus Connect USB flash drives, keyboards and other accessories. Made submissions, let’s see what features this tablet.

One tablet to the hard-fought range of cheap devices

The WiFi version and 3G share the majority of technical specifications, the most important difference being the processor used. In the case of the first have a Mediatek MT8127 and in the 3G (speed up to HSPA +) mounted a MT MT8321. Minimum performance differences between them by what we have to worry about more than whether we want or do not have a slot for a SIM card.

The RAM in both models are only with 1GB and 8GB of storage that it can be expanded with cards microSD up to 64 GB. The display has a size of 10.1 inches and resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. We do not know what such will be the quality of the panel but at least they have decided to introduce a panel with sufficient resolution, in this range, there are many models with a lower pixel density.

Casting an eye to the specifications we see a difference of weight difficult to explain at a glance: 365 grams the model 3G and 495 version WiFi. Taking into account that the rest of the specs are identical (battery 4.050 mAh in both cases) ignore the reasons for why the model with a “simpler” hardware weighs 130 grams more.

The WiFi model comes with a version of oldest Android too: 5.0.1 against 3 g 5.1. At the moment we don’t know if Alcatel will upgrade both models a Marshmallow but taking into account that this range is usually receive few renovations software we are pessimistic about their arrival.

Alcatel Pixi 3, price and availability

Model WiFi of the Pixi 3 is put for sale by 119 euros. If you want the keyboard and the official case, Alcatel has a pack with all this for 20 euros more. It is worthwhile because those two loose components have a price of 89 euros. The 3G version is going to 169 euros and does not have a bundle of accessories. All of them are now available in Spain.