Ajungilak (Mammut) Kompakt 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Test the sleeping bag Ajungilak Mammut Kompakt 3-Season during a hiking weekend in Belledonne. With temperatures down to -3 ° C, the sleeping bag was pushed into a corner.

Test conditions:

  • Test Location: Belledonne
  • Number of nights: 2 nights
  • Accommodation: one night in tents and another under the stars
  • Terms of the bivouac: area of undergrowth open for the night in tents and in a flat bowl at about 2400m above sea level, limited exposure to sunlight and relatively confined between steep mountainsides for the night under the stars of way subjecting the bag to harsh test conditions.
  • Conditions: To the stars: clear, cool night, without any clouds. high humidity from the dark to 22h.Coup gel at around 5:30. For the night in tents: sunny evening followed by a slightly cloudy and cold night. Humidity in the morning.
  • Clothing: For the test, I was dressed as a high Odlo long sleeves.
  • Recorded T ° min: between -3 ° c and 6 ° c


  • Type of sleeping bag: Synthetic
  • Specifications: Bag sarcophagus combinable-Construction 2 layers – Adjustable hood with cord and collar-Zip double slider 180 cm protected by triple stitching-Stand with circular base for comfort.
  • Shell: Performance TX (100% Nylon)
  • Cloth: silky TX  (100% nylon)
  • Filling: Microfiber MTI® (Micro Thermal Insulation) 13 – 100% polyester (930 g)
  • Weight (with the case): 1350 grams (165 cm), 1500 g (180 cm), 1640 g (195 cm), 1850 g (215 cm)
  • compressed volume: 40×20 cm; 12.5 l (with the supplied bag). Ability to compress the bag to 8 liters.
  • Report comfort temperature / weight: 1.32
  • Report comfort temperature / volume: 12.63 (12.5 l) – 8.08 (8 l)
  • Sizes: 165 cm, 180 cm, 195 cm, 215 cm
  • Colour: Aubergine
  • Manufacturing location: n
  • Price: From 140 to € 160.00

Temperatures in 13537 (data constructor):

  • Comfort: 1 ° C
  • Limit: -5 ° C
  • Extreme: -22 ° C

Points forts :

  • interior comfort
  • Full sarcophagus position

Weak points :

  • congestion
  • weight


  • Construction: 7/10
  • Thermicity: 7/10
  • Praticabilité: 7/10

The toppharmacyschools has the range of sleeping bags Mammut is given as a referential range. The Kompakt 3 is one of the 26 models synthetic Catalogue. It’s a nice bag, but some comfort, however cumbersome: 8 liters anyway! The internal heat is noticeable but quite disparate: the internal SilkyTx cools quickly if it does not undergo prolonged contact sleeper, especially the lower area of the bag. Moisture is well maintained on the outside but its freshness is no stranger to the phenomenon mentioned above. The collar and hood are effective but do not follow the movement of the sleeper who is not content to sleep on the back!

In conclusion this is an honest sleeping bag, designed for hiking short-term, the use will prove satisfactory under the tent in cold conditions but not too much!

Bulky certainly, but a nice cut and satisfactory thermal balance Ajungilak make the perfect companion for small and medium hiking tent on sunny days come.