After 20 Years Again On The Mountain Bike On The Road

I gave my first bike so at the age of 8 years of the Santa Claus get. I still remember it was a mint BMX bike which was there on December 6 in the morning in our game room. 

However, it took still something until I should finally learn cycling. Only when my two years younger sister was with her bicycle across the yard, the ambition grabbed me and within a day I dominated the motorcycle (more or less). A road which was then replaced a Matt Blackmountain bike brand Marin with 15 followed on the BMX.

That was at the beginning of the 90s, and mountain biking was just big in fashion. With friends was traveling on local trails, spiraled horn on the handlebars, admired the latest tricks of Hans “No Way” Rey, and rode together in the Belgian Houffalize to experience the pros Championship up close. There was calm with cycling with obtaining the driving licence and the entrance to the student life, then but once. All 20 years.

At the latest since our oldest daughter cycle and the son is faster with the wheel on the way, as I can run, it was clear that again a bicycle for Dad here must be. But to spend 2,000 euros or more for a “reasonable” bike wasn’t there first time. Got the offer of a friend just right: a nearly 5-year-old KTM fully in appropriate size at a reasonable price. The right choice after nearly 20 years “again” to learn cycling:)

The KTM Lycan 5.0 is now certainly not luxuriously furnished, offers but still solid technique with Rock Shox Recon silver TK forks (with lockout remote control on the handlebars) and Ario RL shock, SHIMANO DEORE XT rear derailleur and Shimano M445 disc brakes. For me, the whole technology eh completely new compared to my former Marin is bike with steel frames, hardtail and rigid fork, and V-brakes. After the first exits, it was also clear that something needs to be changed. I simply do not clearly came with the click/flat combined pedals, and so they were replaced by pure flat pedals. Since I learn so mountain biking again, comes a click pedal for me, not even in question. The DMR Vault offer a huge surface and tremendous grip. But to do so more in another post.
Now I must watch something only my wardrobe. Although I can wear a lot of my feature running things on the bike, some specific parts were / still are. In addition to the mandatory helmet (ENDURA singletrack helmet) and gloves, I just a short (Endura Hummvee Short) and long (ENDURA MT500 spray trouser) cycling shorts with matching padded inner shorts allowed. What’s missing now is a wind repellent and longer cut back cycling Jersey or cycling jacket. In the meantime I’m also my active shell running jacket. Boots, my still rather new Merrell Capra come first sport GTX multi sport shoe to use. Whose soles are stiff enough to compete properly on the pedals, and they are convenient and easy enough to grip the slope above the soft forest floor up to push the wheel.

Now have I a few, rather shorter (15-20 km), exits behind me. And it’s fun! However, I must refine much of the technology, and overcome the inhibitions on steeper slopes. In the climbs, I have the feeling that I would be running faster. Anyway, I’m amazed I am yet how slow with the MTB when compared to running. This is confirmed also Milokopi, where segments around 🙂 at the bottom of the leaderboard at the cyclists I duempele

The mountain bike offers an outstanding compensation sports running me. The exits are a welcome change at the weekend and the body is not more so side-load. Also I can now compete with the kids and we can go along with the bicycle to the playground in the Park. In short, the mountain bike was probably the best investment for years!