Affordable Winter Cardigans

Even after the economic crisis of 2008, with sales that drop by 30% and banks considering the bankruptcy of his workshop, lead clings and hanging. He said his brand thatit is only strengthened.

Besides that, true to his vision of the high-end, his son founded a beautiful hotel on the island, which has only a couple of beds8.

Drawing from the lessons of the dangers of mass tourism (low margins despite the volume), they continue to want to preserve the island in him offering a virtuous, respectful tourism for local culture and the environment.

Lead continues to invest in new machines even more efficient but, while the big brands make them run for several weeks to get exactly the same design, it used to be much more creative.

Thanks to a very experienced operator, it uninstalls and reinstalls some reasons two or three times a day. It allows him to be very responsive, while managing small amounts to the various designs. And especially, it finally passes the fully fashioned, abandoning forever the cut / sewn.

Remember, in the mesh, the basic construction is the cut / sewn. This is knitting large sections of mesh and cut with scissors a Pocket, a round… then sewing together. Like a shirt finally.

Lead is opposed for two reasons:

  • He laments many downfalls of material,
  • And dislikes small bulges on the sides of the two pieces sewn together (the join creates a small thickness of fabric).

So, following the technique of the fully fashioned, everything is knitted and well assembled the right size without any loss. For example, if you want a Pocket, it is knitted directly on the pan of the cardigan, instead of being cut and sewn in hindsight.

The shopareview is very proud to say that there are winter cardigans in the plant, they don’t cut anything.It’s more refined, but also much more technical and long! On the side of machine, every size and every style correspond to a new file. Before you begin knitting, so programming to set correctly the instructions there.

It is precisely this mix between technique, style, materials and colors that makes the radiation of Inis Meain today. When asked to lead how he does have good taste in its designs, it simply says he likes beautiful things forever.

It is a sacred feat of having created an also respected brand, on an island of 200 inhabitants (he employs 10% of the population!) who is anything but a “fashion hub”.

One of its greatest pride is to have limited the exodus, offering local youth with a highly skilled in his studio work.

Our collaboration: a blue cardigan in donegal

The cardigan again why? Just because I sign and persists: the cardigan to big mesh is the most useful in winter room.

The fact we can open it or close it without having to move the head, we can see the shirt below, and even wear a tie, make a piece very convenient and with a lot of stylistic possibilities.

As for insulation, those who have already passed the winter with one of our cardigans know what it is: impossible to go back. In this regard, comments received a few days ago:

In short, it manages the heat very easily in him unbuttoning or not, or going up the neck.