Advice on Buying Maternity Clothes

Future mommies to the earliest months, this post is dedicated to all of you. I’ll tell you when my tummy started to rise and I found myself struggling with a pleasant date: maternity shopping!

When it comes to expecting mothers, you’ll have it looked at you, advertising, newspapers and shop windows we offer hundreds of articles. Panties, bras, sweaters, dresses, coats, tracksuits …

My advice is: go there with caution, because in many cases what you already have in your closet can take you up to the ninth month, or you can buy just a little larger, without resorting to maternity wear that in my experience costs more “normal” leaders and often has lower quality.

Butt and breasts grow volume? Will just a mutandona of a larger size to yours, and the same for the bra (see here), which must be shaped to support without underwire and not too a little sore breast without compressing it.

The shirts are elastic and will embrace the growing belly, same thing for the knit dresses and stretch fabric. Even if you give birth in winter or early spring you will see that your coat will take you almost to the end, and if failed in recent weeks to close it buy a warm poncho, which you can reuse immediately after birth, and why not, next year. Even the classic tracksuit in many cases will hold, just be careful to lower a bit elastic.

In summary, my shopping during pregnancy is limited to pants and panty hose. I thought that I would have purchased more later, but then I realized that there was no need.

Of course the situation is different if you happen to have to attend some special event… There you have the pleasant duty to show everyone just how beautiful a woman waiting!!! Fortunately today, at least in the big cities, there are valid lines of clothing that may very well come in handy without souls in oversize shirts or clumsy unwatchable dresses with bows under the bust.

I got pregnant at the beginning of the summer I went through the typical wedding season with flat stomach, so my wardrobe from military contemplated just two pairs of pants “serious” to go to the office, jeans, a second sports pants, four or five pairs of pantyhose. I then recycled and worn with pleasure two beautiful dresses Empire of my mom when she was pregnant, and it was exciting to think that many years ago under the soft cloth it was me! Essential accessory: spanx, which will give some relief to your back when the fourth-fifth month the uterus begins to significantly increase in volume.

But wait a baby is a joyous and memorable event, celebrate it with some beautiful t-shirt with the inscription “work in progress” “it’s a girl!” or “God is a woman” that the legendary Gianna Nannini sported in a few months ago. I have been pregnant twice, and I don’t know how I missed this opportunity! How could I, I wonder?

Vabbè…me shall remember next time!