Advice on Buying Maternity Clothes

You are pregnant for nine months, but you probably will not start wearing maternity clothes until after the first trimester. If you are like many moms, you do not see the point in buying a new maternity wardrobe that you are wearing a few times. Spend on expensive new brand maternity clothes and opt for cheaper options or used. You save money, you’ll probably need to buy baby supplies, and you’ll always look great.


Ask a hand-me-downs. Ask that friends and family members who have been pregnant passes their maternity clothes for you. Most moms are willing to share as long as you are also willing to give them back should they become pregnant again.

  • Swap maternity clothes like cardigans and jackets with friends or family members, says If you are pregnant along with your sister or best friend, maternity clothes part.You do not have to buy as many items and you will have more options for what to wear each day.
  • Used to shop or thrift stores.Often, maternity clothes are still in good condition, as women do not need to wear them very long to have their baby.Clothes are also updated significantly, which will save money on quality maternity items.
  • Browse game and sale racks at your favorite stores. You can purchase new items at half off or more of the retail price, which can save you some money, especially if you do not want to buy used clothing.
  • Look in the Sunday paper and online sites for coupons to retail stores that sell maternity clothes. These coupons can save money, especially if you use them to buy items that are already on sale.
  • Think about what you already have in your closet. Skirts and stretch waist pants can often be worn throughout pregnancy, and since you already you will not spend extra money.button-up shirts and loose dresses can also be worn during pregnancy.
  • Wear clothing your partner. Jeans, sweat pants and t-shirts are probably quite a bit larger than your own, and you can save significant amounts of borrowing money from these items instead of buying new items.