Advice – How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Not sure what the sleeping bag you choose? Check out our tips:

Sleeping bag is one of the most important things in my backpack every traveler and adventurer. Because there are currently on the market, many manufacturers of materials and workmanship sleeping bags, let us us, help you in this little jungle around. After reading, you can choose the appropriate type here

When you choose a sleeping bag, consider the most important:

  • thermal purpose: sleeping bag where you use?
  • The length of sleeping bag: how high your character?
  • Weight: sleeping bag you carry in your backpack, or carry away
  • Maintenance: You have enough information for the care of feather sleeping bag?
  • Shape: quilt, or a mummy?A lot of space or less heat loss?

Temperature destination: Keep in mind that it does not warm sleeping bag! Yes it sounds weird but it’s true. Sleeping bag merely isolating more or less from the outside cold. The only source of heat is your body. Sleeping bag ensures that the heat produced does not escape into the environment but accumulated in the space bags. Another factor affecting the thermal comfort of the pad on which you sleep. The best are self-inflating mats with a thickness of 2.5 to 3.8 cm. Other things that contribute to the overall feeling while sleeping can affect so many are, for example: wind speed, humidity, mental and physical condition.

Decisive for selection is always marked as an indication comfort. Some manufacturers give extra comfort for women and especially for men. It is the range in which a regular user of sleeping bag does not feel the coldness in his sleep. Boundary known as extreme is the threshold at which although the night with chattering teeth survive, but certainly Sleepless are most comfortable. Women are less resistant to cold, so the boundaries of their comfort quoted higher. When determining the values of thermal sleeping bags known as výobci Ferrino, another Coleman governed by the European Standard EU 13,537th

Materials: There are basically two kinds of insulating materials. Feathers and hollow fiber. Down sleeping bags are the Rolls Royce of sleeping bags. It offers high thermal comfort, excellent thermal insulation properties, have less volume and weight. But more as each jewel in its category require better maintenance, storage in a dry place and, of course, is up to 2x more expensive than synthetic sleeping bag for the same thermal purpose. We must also not be forgotten that for some people it may be a feather mites living in it a significant allergen.

Sleeping bags filled with hollow fiber are easy to maintain,

Quilt or sleeping bag mummy
According to cut divide sleeping bag quilt and mummy. Recently increasingly popular so-called dekáče hoodie.

Quilt sleeping bags: they plan rectangle and their advantage is that they are more spacious and some types can be fully opened and establish them as a blanket. Their disadvantage is that they tend to be bulkier after packing and has higher heat leaks around the shoulders.

Mummy sleeping bags so-called mummy have a conical shape, it can be well sealed around the fountain and head, so you can literally watch only the tip of the nose. They have minimal thermal leaks, but someone may be little spacious and comfortable. Therefore, they are increasingly popular dakáče hoodie. You have feet in shape quilt. But at the top of the hood similar to a mummy. So they are spacious but can be tightened around her shoulders and head