Advantages of LED Lighting

The led lighting is a new lighting technology, now widely spread in residential, public and professional contexts, characterised by its numerous advantages in terms of energy savings, economic and sustainability.

So let’s see in more detail what you mean by led lighting and why prefer this system to that of traditional lighting.

Led technology

The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The led bulb is a type of lamp that works differently from the classic lamps, which often use a type of gas combustion in order to work on an ongoing basis and correct.
Inside, indeed there is a filament or a gas, but a semiconductor that as soon as it receives a small amount of current, allowing the bulb to light up.
It is therefore a type of solid and clean lighting: emit no ultraviolet or infra-red and is free of toxic substances. This can be an advantage not only for eye health for example, but also has the advantage to keep insects away, which are not attracted by the light that is emitted by led lamps.

But now something about the main advantages of led lighting.

LEDs and energy saving

The first point relates to savings is that of energy consumption: compared to other lamps with led indeed, that represents the method of lighting which, from the point of view of saving, turns out to be the best.
If you compare a lamp led to the classical ones, such as incandescent ones, the savings you get by using the led is about 93%.
Compared with fluorescent ones, saving 60%, while settles on halogen and metal halide ones, save as regards the consumption of electricity is 90% and 60% respectively.
The savings in the Bill are immediately visible then, especially if you compare the led lamp to classic: If within a year you consume 10,000 KW of electricity, with the Led lamp if they consume instead 1000 KW, with a drastic reduction in costs.
The savings are significant for example for larger companies or for public street lighting systems, whose lights are always lit continuously.

The life of LEDs

These particular lamps, which also work with a low current level, have a duration that, when compared to traditional lighting systems, turns out to be amazing.
Just in fact think that generally an led lamp lasts for fifteen years: This allows people to be exploited for a very long time.
Also, not being able to break out and not warming up, these lamps are maintenance free, therefore, the cost that you claim to buy them is periodic and long-term.

The other advantages of Led

Another major benefit is the Security: not warming up, the led lamps will not cause damage to users, that is, it is impossible that they can burn your hands touch.
The absence of gas also prevents health might be endangered, as people will not have to breathe toxic substances, nor come into contact with the skin-damaging ultraviolet rays.

In terms of environmental impact, the LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lamps must be disposed of as toxic waste.

Quality of light level LEDs from Animalerts let you create truly special lighting effects, with excellent colour rendition. Not by overheating can be placed in direct contact with materials such as plastic or wood, for example, the use of led lights or led Strip lights to illuminate surfaces and enhance the shapes of objects.

Finally are characterized by their ownership of direct on (the traditional lamps have instead need a few minutes to reach maximum brightness) and do not need any adjustment because compatible with various types of lamp bases.

Why choose led lighting?

Wanting to summarize here are 4 good reasons to choose led lighting systems:

  1. clean and environmentally friendly light source: does not emit UV rays, nor does it contain substances harmful to health and the environment
  2. saving energy: consumption reduced by 93%
  3. duration: an led lamp lasts an average of 50,000 hours, about 15 years
  4. quality of light: switch on instantly and can yield excellent lighting.