Adidas Shoes Review

Adidas is a German created in 1949 by Adolf Dassier brand. His nickname “Adi”, to which he added the first syllable of his name “Das” gives the brand name.

In 1924 the 2 brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started making sports shoes. Adolf took care of creation and Rudolf of the sale. After the war which separated the 2 brothers their first business is separated into 2. Adolf created Adidas and Rudolf creates… PUMA!

The mark 3-band specializes in sporting goods, it is also one of the leading global brands in this field.

The brand is a sponsor of many athletes in athletics, basketball (she is sponsor of the 30 NBA teams!), rugby and especially football.

Many Adidas shoes of sports who have entered legend. There are many examples:

  • The timeless Stan Smith by the name of the tennis player. Recognizable at the first glance with the 3 bands of small holes and green keys. The Stan Smith are still and always on top of the trend, not bad for 1964 shoes!
  • The Superstar. Designed initially to play basketball (these are the shoes worn by the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar) are especially the rappers of the 1980s (Run-DMC in mind) that will make them enter into the legend.
  • The Americana who represent the collattitude of the 1980s.
  • The Nastase. The name of the Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase in the 1980s.
  • The twist. The stars of recess of the 1990s prices.

And there are tons of other Adidas sneakers models who have become great classics like the Dragon, the Gazelle and more recently the ZX or Tubular and their futuristic shape.

But the brand is not that shoes, you can get a complete look with shorts or pants, a t-shirt, a Sweatshirt and a jacket.

Of course the brand also offers many accessories like the gym bag or socks, know that you can even offer you some perfume or a Watch Adidas ?