Adidas Mercury Pack Boots

Adidas unveiled its Mercury Pack consisting of 3 pairs of boots without laces: the ACE 16 Mercury, Messi 16 and 16 X. Shoes chrome to crush your opponents with style!

The Mercury Pack of Adidas without lace

The Mercury Pack consists of 3 pairs of soccer shoes that have each their peculiarities. They will be worn by players such as Leo Messi, Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale, for the first time during the final of the Champions League and forEuro 2016 in France. These 3 pairs have in common several technologies:

  • The AdidasPURECUT system making disappear inside the shoe laces. The result? No yoke and not yaw for more control and control of the ball.

The outer sole ultra-light SPRINTFRAME that ensures maximum stability that allows you rapid accelerations in total control. This technology has been designed in collaboration with Lionel Messi

The ACE 16 for a Mercury control without equal!

The ACE 16 has the particularity of having a sock of compression with the technology PRIMEKNIT of Adidas. This technology that fits the shape of your foot offer more comfort but especially maximum stability. The body of the ACE 16 is covered with pimples no STOP GRIP to control the ball regardless of the weather. Finally the crampons TOTAL CONTROL guarantee a max stability and control during acceleration.

Like all Mercury Pack shoes, they are chrome, but unlike other models the sock and crampons are Green pétants s. Want to get noticed on the field? With 16 ACE your opponents will not forget you!

The Mercury Messi 16 to create the impossible!

The new Messi s boots are on Topschoolsintheusa and will help you to create the impossible! Their particularity? The material AGILITYKNIT, which perfectly fits the shape of your foot and offers immediate comfort and heel PUREAGILITY lining that keeps your foot during the quick change of direction. Add to that the cleats Messi FG configuration for more agility during acceleration and you will get one of the most perfect soccer shoes in the world!

Messi 16 chrome is colored blue, blue that is also found on the sock and the Messi FG cleats They are perhaps more discreet that other models of the Mercury Pack but do not believe that without lace soccer shoes and chrome or discrete!

The X 16 mercury for panic defence!

The Mercury X 16 are shoes that will help you to shift the match! Mesh TECHFIT stem adapts to your foot for comfort, and for total freedom of movement. As the ACE 16 they are covered with pimples no STOP GRIP for exceptional control of the ball. The lining of the PURECHAOS heel is aptly named and will allow you to destroy the defense during fast changes of direction. Crampons are configuration FG Chaos for more grip during acceleration.

Their “signature” aspect gives the X 16 a really aggressive look and their red also goes in this direction. The perfect shoe to burst your opponents!