Acne: What It Is and How to Treat

Acne (blackheads and whiteheads) is common appear in adolescence by hormonal factors, which cause increased sebum (skin oil) facilitating the obstruction of “pores” and inflame the skin. However it is possible to arise in adulthood, by the use of cosmetics improperly, by stress, poor diet, pollution and other factors.

Acne What It Is and How to Treat


Acne comes by 4 factors: increased secretion and sebum (oil), hyperkeratinization and obstruction of the hair follicle (the skin is thicker), proliferation of bacteria and local inflammatory reaction.

Cosmetic Treatment:

To control acne should interfere in 4 stages of emergence. Cosmetics may be used to decrease the acne, the products to be used in the following order:

Gel cleanser: it is highly recommended to use liquid soaps because they have a balanced pH, bar soaps are generally discouraged because they have a high pH which facilitates the proliferation of the bacteria and inflammation. There are options on the market with additives anti-inflammatory, calming, controllers of oiliness and antibacterial, a good example is the liquid soap of the following image:

Scrubs: use the 2 listed 3 times a week to unclog the pores “and also to remove the excess keratinized material. The Exfoliating can be both mechanical (with grains or particles), chemicals (usually acids as salicylic acid) and enzyme (enzyme). Often chemical exfoliants are already associated with the SOAP to be used daily, as is the case with the previous image.

Astringent Tonics: are able to strengthen the organic tissues, secretions and decreasing “pores” dilated.

Drying: Masks can be used around 1 to 2 times a week, a good example are clays, such as green and white. Adcos brand is a company that works with a mask that has white clay great for acne control and seborreguladora action, soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory.

Finalizers: Can be drying for acne (used during night), oil control lotion, sunscreens (important use and reapply during the day to avoid staining skin) and moisturizers (oil-free). Moisturizers are always the last step.

 Aesthetic Treatment:

The aesthetic treatment of acne is done in by a professional aesthetic cabin and is a supplement to the cosmetic treatment at home is highly recommended for acne extraction be made accordingly. To beautician in addition to using the products, have devices like the ozone steam that facilitates the softening of the surface of the skin, making the extraction and the Professional also features the high-frequency device, which is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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