Acer Iconia 8 One: an Affordable Tablet Android Intended for The Little Ones of The House

Acer has been one of the first to advertise products at CES and while the majority of devices that have been presented have to do with Windows, Android has also received some attention in the form of eight-inch at a very affordable tablet. Iconia One 8 It is its name and its lines are identical to other devices submitted by this company in the past: modest specifications and discreet design.

This time Acer decided to give it a twist of nut and focuses on this tablet Android to a younger audience, particularly children. In addition to all the options offered by the operating system, we have included a way to put the device “children mode” and so play without touching the rest of apps, games and tools that we have installed. Having said that, let’s look at the rest of specs.

Acer has not been very specific with the technical details of your tablet: we know that you riding a quad-core processor signed by MediaTek but we know the particular model. By your side you will have 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The screen is an IPS panel with HD (720 p) resolution and has a size of eight inches. Nothing spectacular about the table but enough for anyone looking for a modest tablet.

Software version puts bitter detail: 5.1 Android Lollipop No forecast update a Marshmallow in the future. We are aware of that input devices are the great forgotten by the manufacturers but having enjoyed the version 6.0 in a so cheap tablet would have been an attractive point for Acer. Pity that they have not seized this opportunity.

In applications what stands out most is that Kid Center that will make the times of launcher to limit the content that children can access. Nothing that we have not seen on other tablets of this style, is a welcome addition that Yes. Another interesting tool is what Acer Ez Wakeup calls: the possibility of a double-tap, turn on the screen or open an application directly. The second thing is very useful if we tend to see an app very often.

Price and availability of the Acer Iconia One 8

The Acer Iconia One 8 will go on sale this month of January at a price of 129 euros. It will be available in two colors: white and blue. There are no configurations depending on the size, they all have a capacity of 16 GB.