According to Dior Sequins

Slowly but surely, Raf Simons continues to merge its own grammar to the lexical field of Dior. A merger giving birth this season of EPS these iridescent Audacity l elegant, futuristic twist and flavor sportswear…

PR feels Tokyo goal December, the locker room Dior pre-fall 2015 offers in dimension called the disco glitter. Abandoning their “Diana Ross” look to the benefit of pi these more casual than retro, these latest is yrv slow indeed much more inspiring than the pass. On the podium, the sous-pulls with reflections both trslips so aluminium load thus to gayer aust res coats and long dresses in leather 7/8, while combinations in mesh e iris to inject need fancy little dresses for hero of manga.

Over the passages, sequin gaining sophistication by joining the dense woollen dress-sweaters Bar futuristic coquetry (see here and there), but also from boosting the basic nature of sweaters-overs neck roll. Shimmering sweaters that once s gliss under dresses in luxurious fur, make up insolent mix and match textures.

Add that some sir leather evening dresses not covered with chaste liquid jersey (to skate the shine of their quail disco), a handle of pi these knit m lant sequins and Alpine grounds as well as the sixties mind Paco Rabanne coming sous-pulls d rider mouse gray and blue officer and you’ll get a collection intelligently merging cr creative and commercial dimension.


And if the idea of treating mode ball facets of IP these DNA more pragmatic that festive is not really new (cf.), she doesn’t conf re less this collection an inspiring, even exciting dimension. Nothing more effective indeed to see the basic s twist by a mati insolent re (we remember especially the success of marini res sequins Balmain and mod the Marc Jacobs fur).

In this context, there is no doubt that the Dior sequins will be pl biscit s as well as the official Diorettes Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence by the r mode dactrices and clients of the Parisian House, who will the pr – t variation d appr-wear this gimmick cocktail. Not to mention the very unlikely appropriation of the work of Raf Simons by the fast fashion brands, which will allow the fashionista lambda to try urban sequin.

In practice, it should not: siter inspired duets glittering/masts about s by Raf Simons by opting for the shiny black turtleneck trio /Matt slate pinafore dress/bottes r slips for the duo under Silver sweater /caf cardigan or to mix dress trap ze Navy Blue iris /wide khaki vest.