Accessories for Rain

Spring is also synonymous with rain and in Paris, May is one of the wettest months. If you have the correct accessories, the typical Parisian rain will not disturb your walks.

On the feet a shoe closed and suitable for rain, like the brand Aigle. This shoe is really waterproof. The model is called Bottillons de pluie Alaquine Chelsea and costs 60 euros.

The trench is the typical accessory of the half season. The absolute chic is the traditional Burberry. But the price is up to his fame.

You will find baratinhos trench in stores Gap, Zara and H&M.

Umbrella or hat? According to mysteryaround, umbrella is an accessory encombrant as the French say: we lose, it weighs on the stock exchange and in case of rain even no use.

In recent years I have taken my hat. I hope I do not adopt the plastic slip that the old French ladies wear.

The above model is being cited as accessory hype . Maison Michel rain cap, one of the most famous brands for hats. The plastic cap is called Lara pocket and costs the trifle of 330 euros.

The alternative would be to buy a real hat. It turns out that almost all branded hats are handmade and do not withstand rain. Maison Michel’s, for example, is incompatible with water.

The brand La Cerise sur le Châpeau has a waterproof model and it costs 170 euros.

And you can also buy cheap hats on the street vendors. It has a stall on Boulevard Haussmann, in front of the Sephora, selling several models.