About Synthetic Fiber Sleeping Bag

Synthetic fibers

Caractériques :

Synthetic fibers are an alternative to down which have the advantages of being more resistant to moisture but also more economical. They are for people who make very long journeys where a cleaning may be necessary, or have something else to manage the humidity in their sleeping bags.

The two categories of synthetic fibers :

-Synthetic fibers that simulate the construction and properties of natural down.

Example: Primaloft, controlled by the US military to reproduce the fuzz, they are small pieces that resemble the bird down. Almost as mechanically bendable and compressible as down.

-Synthetic fibers designed on principles of construction and properties unconnected with the natural down.

Example: Polarguard is constructed from a single synthetic yarn, very long, which keeps coming back on itself to create a kind of ripstop cotton. It therefore has structurally a greater rigidity and wear resistance, but loses flexibility and compressibility.

There are a multitude of synthetic fibers on the market that use one of the two principles explained above.

Benefits :

-Isole even when wet

-Resistance to high humidity

-Fast drying

-Low Price



-Heat Report / greater weight

-Less Compressibility

-Breathable Less

  1. Form and Construction

At. General shape


Due to its rectangular shape, the sleeping bag cover is very suitable for hiking and mountaineering, according to campingship. Large feet, they offer more comfort but poor thermal insulation. Besides, no manufacturer offers high performance sleeping bag-shaped cover.

Temperate military sleeping bag Cityguard

The sarcophagus


All bags are mountains that form. Narrower feet, and equipped with a hood, they have many advantages: weight gain, volume and optimization of the insulation. They are ideal for hiking and mountaineering.


Sleeping Bag Xpro Comfort Ares

Top bag, Quilt and elephant foot

These bags are in some ways running backs sleeping bags.

The top bag is padded on its top and bottom has a single layer of fabric allowing to slip and keep up the mattress.

The quilt is also padded on top but the bottom is opened and usually has 2 or 3 straps. Thereof used to attach the mattress and particularly to vary the circumference of the bag and thus its insulating capabilities.