About Down Sleeping Bags

These particular types result from the following observation: given that the lower packing is crushed by your weight, so there is no insulation and replaced by what the mattress. Weight gain is significant but the simplicity of these bags sometimes makes the most rudimentary comfort and bivouacs of experience is required to use them best.

The elephant foot meanwhile is a sleeping bag that only goes up the chest (approximately 140-150cm). The concept of sleeping with a jacket that carries to the bivouac. The mattress is normally used. This type of bag has long been used by mountaineers and tends to return to fashion with the search for the ultralight.

  1. Closing system

The closures zip tend to weigh down sleeping bags and reduce isolation. You can find sleeping bags with or without zip or with zip shorter on zipcodesexplorer. However, a full zip with two sliders will help aerate the bag without completely open which makes sleeping more poylvalent. In this case, the insulating flap behind the zip is still essential!

Some full-length closures models can have benefits following the use made. Indeed, systems 2 sliding tracks allow to use the sleeping bag as hedges, and can also allow to combine two bags with this system into a large blanket.

  1. The seams

They must be strong! Be sure to check their quality. Except those of the zip and the perimeter of the hood, no seams shall pass through the bag from side to side. If one of them were to let go, all down sortire bag … With several small seams, you already have a safety plus. As for synthetic fibers, this is anyway not.


  1. Package, Storage and Maintenance

You should know maintain his sleeping bag if we want to maintain performance. Here are some tips.

  1. Package

often plague after the covers of storage that are too small, until you understand how to go about it! The first thing to avoid is to store his bag always in the same way (bend, roll). This is the best way to damage the lining (mostly synthetic) the locations of the folds and thus create cold spots.

The best method is as follows:

  • Fully open zip
  • Loosen all tightening
  • Pack the bulk bag in its cover beginning with the head