A Villa Ready to Receive for Christmas

Continuing in the search for homes decorated for Christmas in the rustic style, Shabby Chic and Nordic, today I brought a Nordic-style Villa decorated beautifully. This time we visited the dining room of the House, which is usually where he receives guests, serving Christmas dinner and finally where the exchange of gifts.

The style of the room in this House is on the edge of the Nordic and the rustic. Starting with the white base. The sofas are classic style with white hood made on measure, a trademark of Nordic style. The coffee table is a bit out of the standard size. The white rocking chair stands out for your design. The Christmas touch in this environment was with the stars in the Windows, the star made of branch on the wall and a green dot on the coffee table in the form of a sprig of pine and some candles. All very simple and chic.

Just behind the Chair of design on the white mobile was also prepared an arrangement of candles with some branches. The main Christmas decoration was with the dining room, decorated with a large Christmas tree natural pine. But although she was decorated in a simple way and heated by light. The dining room was beautiful with the beige linen towel, in place of linen could be a white cotton towel or towel of jute, the decoration of the table is also very simple with a centerpiece with fresh flowers, always a wise choice and candles.