A Professor of The University of Aberdeen Said That Men Who Marry Smart Women Live More

I always remember that scene from the movie ‘arms of woman”when the character played by Melanie Griffith left speechless to Harrison Ford in a bar with one of the best phrases in the history:”I have a mind for finance and a body for sin. Is there something wrong with that?”.

And it’s that you have a powerful brain should be one of the features most appreciated in a person. And now a study shows that women who possess this quality They help to increase the expectations of the lives of their fellow, as well as help prevent mental illness.

While it is true that we cannot take us to the letter all scientific studies are published today that we should read them with care and rethink everything what they tell us, there are some that we would love it to be true. As the last study we have known of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences of the University of Aberdeen, who has come to the conclusion that men who marry women of great intelligence are happier, live longer and they are less likely to suffer from diseases as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

We already knew that intellectually stimulating our brains, with activities as reading, doing crossword puzzles or visit museums, he prevented a large number of diseases mental. Thus it is logical to think that sharing life with a smart person and that encourages us daily You can have a more positive effect on cognitive skills. According to Dr. Lawrence Whalley, Emeritus Professor of mental health at the University of Aberdeen, “you need a guy to live longer is marry a smart woman. Nothing dampens better dementia that intelligence”.

The study conducted at the University of Aberdeen has examined the health of twins and concluded that having a smart woman by your side is an important factor in combating degenerative diseases cons. As much as education, work or the time spent on all kinds of intellectual activities.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most common forms of dementia among those over sixty-five years and affects millions of people, who lose their abilities to reason, think, remember, solve problems, have conversations or perform basic activities of everyday life. Unfortunately there is a cure for this terrible disease, but If there are factors that can help to prevent it, as stimulating our brains, a diet healthy or exercise. And now, to choose a life that is smart partner.

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