a Pair of Skinny Jeans

An Australian woman ended up in hospital four days after wearing a pair of skinny jeans and have remained squatting too many hours.

Are you also of fierce fan of skinny jeans ? Also you adore this super model pants adherents that enhances the forms and it’s triggering the figure? Well, be careful. From Australia came, in fact, an incredible news that might undermine your certainties. L ‘ Associated Press , in fact, announced that a young Australian woman was hospitalized four days in a hospital  complaining of severe cramping and muscle pain caused by …. the excessive use of incriminating skinny jeans. Is this not a hoax? Unfortunately it is not.

The news that has been disclosed is for a 35 year old Australian (whose name is not disclosed) in the intent to help a friend move. To clean up the most doors and cabinets, the woman has seen fit to wear a pair of jeans belonging and spend several hours crouched on his knees. Slowly, his legs began to go numb, but the woman did not give us a lot of weight. According to his stories, in fact, it has fetched more than once and has started to clean up. Then, as he was returning home, the situation collapsed at once: his limbs gave way, and is no longer able to stand and walk.

The friend has lent aid and immediately the woman was accompanied in the hospital , where the medical staff cut skinny jeans , diagnosticandole muscle damage due to excessive use of tight pants in a squatting position. The Dr. Thomas Kimber , Head of the Royal Hospital in Adelaide who has been treating the woman, even wrote publishes an e-mail to reporters to report the severity of the reported damage and to warn against similar risks also the other girls. L ‘ team medical then published a report on what happened. The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry says:

We believe that the problem can not be born of the elastic nature of the pants in question. A softer tissue would not compressed nerves and muscles to damage them irreparably. When you wear such a garment is good to avoid prolonged movements which might be too restrictive for the joints.

The woman told the doctors that in the course of hours felt the jeans more and more narrow, more and more swollen legs and feet numb. Why, then, did not take off those pants and not wear some article of clothing more comfortable? The girl reported that while walking stumbled home and lost his balance all the time, but had assumed that this was caused by the jeans , but by excessive fatigue or a low blood sugar.

In light of all this, Dr. Thomas Kimber said that the models jeans very narrow at times  can cause damage to the nerves of the groin. Only a prolonged squatting position, however, can also affect the muscles of the lower leg, reducing the blood supply to the calf muscles.

Fortunately it does not need, therefore, ban skinny jeans out of your wardrobe, but only pay attention to use certain items of clothing in moderation … And maybe opt for a comfortable tracksuit gym when you have to move. How about?