A New System for Detecting Breast Cancer Could Save Your Life

Referred to as MBI, Molecular Breast Imaging acronyms and according to experts is up to four times more effective in detecting cancer. By allowing that scientists and doctors can see what happens in the body at the cellular level, this system provides vital information to assist in the detection, diagnosis, assessment, treatment and management of cancer.

It is one new hope in the fight against this disease, often deadly, affecting our country to some 26,000 cases per year according to the AECC (Spanish Association against cancer).

Referred to as MBI (Molecular Breast Imaging) and is a diagnostic technique that provides very detailed images What happens inside our body, cell, but also molecular level. This procedure allows health professionals can see how the body functions, measure their chemical and biological process, and customize the customer service. A step beyond the diagnostic imaging or ultrasound, which give only anatomical data.

To be able to measure these processes is introduced into the bloodstream of patients a radiotracer. With this method much less invasive than surgery or biopsies Gets a unique knowledge of our body and It allows to identify the disease in early stages, detect tumors in their exact location (even before symptoms appear), detecting abnormalities and provide personalized care to each patient.

In addition, this system allows test the effectiveness of drugs, determine the severity of the disease and select the most effective therapy. Without a doubt, a wonderful advancement of science will be used for early arrest and for the

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