A Look for Every Hair Type

December is the time of year when your schedule is full of compromises and parties with friends, coworkers and family, why today we present the hairstyles for all hair types that will make you look gorgeous at every meeting.

Hair collected

Hair type . The collected hairstyles are elegant and ideal for long hair with waves or straight The look : This year the fashion is totake a natural hair and slightly tousled. You can try making it a loose ponytail or completely by collecting the dancer style. To achieve this tousled look, start by drying your hair with the dryer, putting his head down. When you raise your head your hair will have more texture and volume. Then make the collected and if you have bangs or layers of shorter hair in the front, let them fall over naturally. Event Type: This hairstyle looks good for a cocktail in the afternoon or for a more formal party night.

Peinado semi-collected

Hair type : This type of hairstyle is better suited to long hair, either straight or curly, that short. The look : The latest craze is the peinaado with movement and volume. This style is achieved with an accessory picking up a few strands of your hair and taking them to the back of the head or to one side. If your hair is straight, you can give more body by applying a product like Suave Professionals Volumizing Foam when combs. If your hair is curly, take advantage of that natural waviness of curly hair to accentuate this look that requires a texture marked. Event Type : With this hairstyle you’ll look good in a meeting after work or at a party with friends to week, as you see arranged but casual.

loose hairstyle

Hair type . The loose hairstyle suits all hair types and is the best choice when you want to wear a natural style The look : If your style is short, respects the movement and natural hair loss, especially if it is curly . A simple comb your hair with some gel or fixer way, one line Extra Hold Hairspray Suave Professionals (Aerosol and non – aerosol), Foam and Styling Gel, to maintain the style all day. If your hair is long, you can comb it with a line side or in the middle and use a band with a fixture like a flower or a few gems, the latest fashion trend for this year. After washing your hair apply a soothing cream to prevent fluff, especially if you have curls. After drying separates the hair with your fingers, as if you were combing to give body and a spontaneous movement. Event Type : This style is suitable for any occasion, from a formal party to a meeting with your family at home. You will wear a neat style and very natural.

By following these tips, you have solved the problem of hairstyle for your festive gatherings. Now you can dedicate yourself to choose dresses and accessories that you will use to complement your look and look to the fullest.