A Look at The Tablet for Teles Vizio and Its App Anti-SmartTV, SmartCast

The Variety sources were right when they anticipated the announcement last February: the first TVs with Google Cast and without Android TV were on the way. They were right to advance to the U.S. Vizio It was brand new format and would like the new set, to delegate work on the TV to another device.

The U.S. company has already launched the first models with SmartCast, their version of Google Cast, SmartCast. They correspond to the P series, which later m series models will be added Therefore, we have more information about the tablet from Vizio that serves as a remote control.

Tablet Vizio 6 inches and HD resolution

Called Vizio SmartCast Tablet Remote, as well as is, directly appointed by its function. It is a small tablet, six inches and more typical of a phablet dimensions: 84.4 x 164,2 x 8 mm.

It is made of plastic and not stand out precisely by its design. It is completely black, with a large frame weevil covering your screen, which reaches 1080 p resolution. Large black edges up and down can see that the ratio of screen on the front panel is small.

Inside do not know much, only that its processor is Qualcomm’s eight cores and its internal memory of 32GB It is capable of sending streaming in 4K and Dolby Vision according to The Verge. Considerable space to store a lot of videos and play them directly on the television, which is its main function.

Although we don’t know how much capacity presents its battery, Vizio adds to the package a charging base wireless that allows you to leave the tablet in an upright position on a nearby piece of furniture while they recharge. A complement that denotes that mindset to the lounge which has been developed around this ecosystem.

Full support of Google with Android Lollipop

Vizio SmartCast Tablet Remote is fully functional as a tablet and have access to Google Play. For use common account with five version of Android, Lollipop, added to which your SmartCast app to give access from the premiere to the connection between tablet and TV, without having to install anything else in any of the two devices.

The project has been developed together with Google, which is in turn responsible for the TV receiver dongle. The giant promises to update your partner devices in the same way that to perform with Chromecast, while not confirming that it is simultaneously. The reason is that they are different because these models are designed to connect directly to the firmware of the Vizio TV.

SmartCast is open to other tablets

Similarly, Vizio televisions will also be independent of this tablet, because it serves with install the SmartCast app on any Android device with system version operating 4.4 or higher. It works exactly like Chromecast, sending the image of compatible applications to the television screen through the WiFi signal joint. It also serves to connect to the PC through the extension for Google Chrome.

Firstly, it serves to control everything from the remote control with touch screen. It replaces the remote control, which is also included in the box of the TV, for basic functions like change the channel or turn up the volume, since it is also connected to the sound bar or WiFi speakers.

But, in addition, comply with multimedia platform functions to group the contents of various suppliers of video and music in a single app. However, the manufacturer warns that not all Google Cast applications are directly compatible, some require installation. Also It has integrated with Google Now to allow the exploration of content using voice and it allows the creation of playlist or favorites lists.

We still have not been tested how it works these two devices and software, but according to Rtings.com, there are times in which the tablet does not respond as quickly as expected from a remote control and even disconnects sometimes. It is true that just came out, and there is still time to debug it, but the speed of response is essential for the most basic tasks of a TV.

Devices redundancy

More to invent a new way to consume TV, Vizio has been moved forward to its competition in the form that consumer marketing at the same time that leaves the big screen that it focuses on its main task, render the image.

The integration between our mobile device, our TV and content platforms is on the rise because it is practical and fast, but so far no one it sold all together in one box. For many of us ride this combo does not require much effort, but there are less-experienced users who need a boost and prefer to pay for it.

Less justified is the inclusion of the tablet as it is very likely that the purchaser of a 4 K TV already has another compatible device. The US manufacturer wants to avoid redundancy between TV and tablet/PC, but at the moment strained their own.

This is only the first proposal, but it was confirmed that Google works on this model with other companies. We’ll see how many are uploaded to this wave and let its services of smartTV’s side.