A Garden Perched on Roofs

Hugues Peuvergne landscaper turned a little green paradise ungrateful deck. A terrace perched on the roofs of a dining room, a vegetable garden and a summer cabin for children.

A Terrace Overlooking the Roofs of Paris

When the landscaper Hugues Peuvergne discovers this terrace overlooking Paris from the top of a building in the 16th arrondissement, it was a roof terrace tiled, spiky conduits of chimneys at right angles, where grew a few potted plants.

To organize this space of 130 m 2, Hugues Peuvergne decides to take advantage of these flaws by creating a succession of small gardens separated by the strains of chimneys that extend pergolas where run the climbing.

All around, the terrace is protected from the fence of origin which is today dressed ‘Snow fairy’ rose, jasmine officinal and cut by places of ‘windows’ leaving the view over the rooftops of the city.

The Dining Room Summer

First small garden, dining room summer is framed chimneys blocks that protect the wind and a profusion of greenery with a starry Jasmine – a very resistant variety with foliage persistent in winter and which wafts from its bloom.

Right, planted in a hanging basket, a ball of surfinia brings its touch of color while Wisteria and roses Iceberg or Pierre Ronsard go to the assault of the pergolas.

The Vegetable Corner

Roof garden is posed as a central island, Mysteryaround finds the miniature garden with its massive elevated consisting of plastic bins lined with planks. Surrounded by mini-buis, it is planted fennel, herbs and salads were freshly.

Inside, right, an olive tree create a slight corner of shade near the hut in rough boards which houses garden tools.

Single contemporary note in this well of greenery, high cylinders in zinc that hoist their ball boxwood and punctuate the route that leads to one garden to another (here, on the left).

The Children’s Corner

In the children’s corner, an adorable miniature House that was already there, and now invaded by Star Jasmine and Clematis ‘Montana ‘. This piece is marked by a swing hanging from a chestnut wooden pergola. In the foreground, the flowers a valerian with silvery foliage fuchsia meet the color of the door.