A Few Benefits In The Smartphone Usb Type-c

Micro-USB is dead, long live USB type-C. The new standard in charging plugs promises shorter loading times and faster data transmission. In the c’t-test current high end smartphones still not necessarily turns out the interface as an advantage.

USB type-C to replace the established micro-USB connector for smartphones in the medium term. In the test of the high end smartphones in the current c’t show up but hardly reasons that speak for the new technology.

End with the plug of the unit

The statutory standardisation of the Smartphone charging plug has led that you almost anywhere can recharge his cell phone battery, where just a micro-USB connector is located around – as long as no Apple on the device emblazoned. Many new high-end models have the type C connector with USB 3.1 introduced but already. In the test were the LG G5, HTC 10, Gigaset ME pro and Huawei P9. An obvious advantage of type-C is that you like also twisted may plug the like Apple lightning.

In the c’t-test are also devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Motorola Moto X Force, which continues to be charged via Microusb. Their load times differ little from those of models with type C plug. All devices to recharge their battery in less than a three-quarters of an hour to 50 percent. The three fastest smartphones in the test are loaded even in under half-an-hour in half. The a device is the LG G5 with type C, the other two are the Moto X Force and the Galaxy S7 with the older micro-USB socket and Qualcomm quick batch 2.0 or a manufacturer’s own quick charging technology. Due to the large battery with more than 3000 mAh most of the high end smartphones hold out for a day with half a charge.

Much air upwards

In principle, devices with USB type C with up to 100 Watts could be loaded and thus far faster than via the USB 2.0-based micro-USB connector. But the least testers make even rudimentary use. It is similar with the data transfer: theoretically, the type C connectors could replace data with up to 500 MB / s with a connected PC. Only the Gigaset ME pro and HTC 10 transmit me USB 3.0 speed. Hauwei P9 and LG G5 have the modern connection, work internally but with USB 2.0 technology. Bob’s data only with up to 60 MB / s through the USB cable.