A Digital Tattoo, The New Way to Unlock Your Motorola Moto X

According to Motorola we unlock our mobile phone about thirty times a day on average, losing in each release 2.3 seconds. In addition to the time wasted on this task, I believe that the security that we provide the unlock method is much more important When for some reason lose our device. Today Security pattern and unlock PIN are the most used methods but by the US company offer us something different.

With the help of the NFC becomes Digital Tattoo, a product that adheres to your body and just spend our terminal near it will be unlocked instantly. This digital tattoo supports to do sports with him, that we duchemos and even to swim, but autonomy stays on about 5 short days. If you have that package of ten Digital Tattos cost 9.99 dollars we see that it is not the most economical choice.

If you like the idea of the mobile NFC technology and looking for something cheaper unlock to unlock your Motorola Moto X, Skip is your solution. With an official price of $10 You can unlock all the times you want your device, since it is a kind of clamp that you can put for example in the pocket of your pants. Available in various colors: black, blue, red, Orange, purple and yellow.

From the two official pages orders can only be performed from United States so if you have a Motorola Moto X and those interested will touch you crawl the web in search of these small tools.