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..und which is to convince as many people as possible by switching to LEDs. Because they are simply the better alternative. For the environment and for your wallet. Sure, you already know many advantages of LEDs. Our editorial team has encountered equal during his daily research to new and interesting topics related to the LED technology a whole mountain of them. In the following we have put together a small overview you, which itself should bring the last sceptics at least began to falter.

The Advantages Of Leds Over Other Light Sources

  • less power consumption
  • lower maintenance costs
  • long service life
  • provides light immediately after switching on
  • low Wärmeentwicklung® therefore much more flexible can be used (auto, showcase, etc.)
  • easy disposal as free of mercury and heavy metals

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Wrong. But you know long ago that LEDs are the lighting of the future and have converted already according to your budget or your product range as a dealer? Then should also not come and in our blog as exciting reading content inspirations find us as those who want to be convinced of the LED technology.

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Learn under “News”, which innovative LED projects are carried out or inform themselves short and brief about the latest coups of science. Or go even deeper into the matter and learn what makes possible the light emission. Who finds a few solid practical tips for the LED – and remodeling home searches, see our constantly decorated “conversion tips”. Our blog shows you that and much more. Also great suggestions for lighting concepts to do it yourself.

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You miss an issue or you could read about anything in particular? Then send us a comment!We, the editors of this blog, like to incorporate in new areas of LED expertise to deliver you more exciting posts. So don’t hesitate: we appreciate all hints and questions to around the LED, which is used to report and discuss.

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