9 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Get In Shape

The exercises and diets to lose weight is what most abounds in magazines and internet sites. We can find from nutrition tips to exercises they can do at home or in a gym, in the end, there is currently no pretext that to not take care and stay in shape.

We know that matter any girlfriend see incredible great day, therefore, while the date of the wedding about, is vital to create a workout routine that will help you have a fantastic body.

One of the easier to eliminate stress and lose weight ways is to practice yoga as described in answermba, since not only helps you with the flexibility of the body, but also to throw away stubborn fat deposits. Takes note of these postures to tone up your legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen, just remember more information, contact a professional to do them well and not hurt you before the wedding.


In this pose, it is important that the weight is distributed throughout the body and keep the waist right. It will help you to tone up your arms and thighs and give you greater flexibility.

Utkatasana (Chair Position)

It is very good for toning the buttocks, arms and thighs, in addition, it will help you burn fat in these areas. “Sit” at about 45 degrees and make sure you have knees behind toes and palms are exactly the same height.

Virbhadrasana (The Warrior Position)

Remember to keep your back straight and see in the direction of your hands. Do 10 repetitions daily so that you can go to toning the legs.


Once you’re in the position of the table (no lower or raise excessive hip) you can put aside as you see in the picture. You must hold this position for 5 deep breaths.

Adhomukha Svanasana (Facing Downward Dog)

In addition to help you tone the abdomen, it will also strengthen your arms. Make sure that your hands are open and both legs are stretched and open to hip height. Hold this position for approximately 60 seconds, repeated seven times by taking a break of 10 seconds between each one.

Nauka Chalan

To be seated in a comfortable position, you must raise your legs without bending the knees.Hold this position for 15 seconds and rest before trying again it. More do it strong have the abdomen and legs.

Sarvangasana (Position Of The Candle)

He is also known for “shoulders stop”. You must keep right and stretch your entire body for 30 seconds. It’s put your hands on your back so that you keep being right.


This position is very good for the balance. You must hold it for 15 seconds on each side. It will help you burn fat of thighs and arms.


This pose will allow you to stretch your arms and give pressure to the muscles of the abdomen.In addition, it will take your blood to the head, causing the body to relax. Once you’re 10 seconds down, you must raise your body slowly, vertebra by vertebra.