9 Games Google Zaniest Play

Normally we talk about games that are both in curious, but not usually nothing to wake up too much surprise or repulsion for people looking for more unique things. They are politically correct, but sometimes it is worth to have a bit of perspective and see the most incredibly strange Android games.

Here we not be strange premises and even incorrect, so you have been warned of this will surprise those who are not healed of horror.

Happy Poo Flap

Copies of Flppy Bird we’ve seen many, and this is nothing exceptional to the gameplay. However, the game’s protagonist is an adorable excrement which only want to travel, and adorable face that puts, it is difficult to say that not.

Google play | Happy Poo Flap

The Great War

Japan assures US extravagance for those who live in Europe, and this game is a sign. In this game without official translation into English, we have to control an army of deformed figures to destroy enemy base. Luckily the menu is clear and does not lead to too much confusion.

Google play | The Great War

Calculator Quest

No, we are not wrong, this calculator is also a game. First is a fully functional calculator, but appear enemies under the numbers, which gives it a special touch. It also includes mini-games of mental calculation and speed to train us in mathematics.

Google play | Calculator Quest

Dumb Ways to Die

This we have already spoken, and now is a good time to get back it. Simple mini-games where they teach us not to die stupid way and be careful on the tracks of the subway, which is the reason for the initial song.

Google play | Dumb Ways to Die


The goal is to feed enough to have the necessary food reserves for hibernas. The control system is unique and will oblige us to take charge of everything that happens in the car with one hand.

Google play | Enviro-Bear


Frantic and illogical at the same time. At all levels there is a bomb and we should avoid that you explosion doing the exact actions in a very short space. And better not fail or we will be flying through the air.

Google play | MC Pixel

Princess Punt

Japan in all its extravagance again to make an appearance. What you can expect from a game where we kick our slaves to attack? It really is a very complete game, but the concept is unique, the less.

Google play | Princess Punt

Freak Tower

Imagine mixing the Tiny Tower, which itself was extravagant, with an RPG. Japan never ceases to surprise us, and let us this game where you have to manage a tower which will be constantly attacked by a multitude of monsters