9 Beauty Tips that Every Woman Should Know Pigra

Here is a list of quick tips to lose no time when you have to put on makeup or combing: ideal for any lazy woman!

Lazy women everywhere, let you enjoy beautiful before going out but you like just as (if not more) starvene in bed until the last minute or to laze on the couch?

Sometimes laziness is such that it does not even comb your hair in the morning (let alone a hairstyle) or the maximum make-up that allows you to add a touch of foundation and a shaky pencil line; But also for lazy like to have a slightly more elaborate trick or getting some bushing on the foliage.

How to do? Try these tricks!

9 Beauty Tips that Every Woman Should Know Pigra

1. Manicure to retouch

Your manicure would need to be redone but you do not really want to take away the enamel and reinstall from scratch?

Try to put some glitter to the nail bed or where the enamel is chipped to hide the absence of color.

This way your manicure will also be original!

2. creams or makeup that will not dry

Waste time waiting for a moisturizer to dry, or a tonic, or even the primer may not like the lazy women who want to take advantage of every minute to rest.

However some products they have to be dry and then move on to the next step: to dry, use a hair dryer on the skin.

It will take you just a few seconds.

3. A lipstick all

You do not want to rummage in the beauty case to take all the tricks you need?

Limit yourself to draw a lipstick, in addition to the foundation: you can use it to give the color, as well as the lips, even in the cheeks and eyes.

To do so, scroll through the lipstick along the cheekbones and bone eyebrows and then sfumatelo with your fingers.

4. The eyeliner finished

If eyeliner is over but to go out to get a new one is not talked about, use this trick: grab a  mascara and a small brush , with which you will take the color of mascara.

Then use the brush to apply make-up and “reload” in case of need.

5. Smokey eyes espresso

You want a perfect look for a night out but to achieve a sensual smokey eyes with all those eye shadow is too strenuous?

Here is a quicker solution : make a line of black pencil or eyeliner , and, with a cotton swab, sbavatela.

Then completed with a touch of mascara.

6. Regrowth

If your hairdresser is too far away to be reached and the desire to rebuild the tint is to a minimum, here’s a quick solution.

Take your hair and move the line sideways , but before cotonateli a bit ‘with the comb.

7. The greasy forelock

Sometimes it happens that the hair is more or less clean, while the tuft is very unpresentable.

But a shower just does not fit in your plans … then wash the only clump in the sink .

The result will not be a clean bunch, but at least you will be able to show your face.

8. Ringlet

Curl your hair is one of those things that takes a long time.

If you already know you should, in the evening before you go to sleep with a braid.

The next morning you will wake up with boccolosi hair!

9. Cracked Heels

Your heels seem paper-glass, but you do not want to deal with it?

Limit yourself to put dell ‘ oil on the feet before going to sleep and then strung the socks.

The next morning your feet will be smooth!