8 XXL Models

You have to love your body, its curves and its imperfections. That’s why some curvy models teach us how to love each other despite the extra pounds.

Fortunately, the fashion industry is, more or less quickly depending on the Maison , veering towards new choices, with real women with curves and not dried skeletons without any kind of expressiveness.

The men first love curvy women , who often are also more intelligent and fun of those women who are always on strict diet and do not know how to appreciate their body.
Of course, in real life it is not always easy to know how to appreciate and show off gracefully the excess pounds, the ones that make us very feminine but that we can not accept.

To remind yourself every day that we are worth more than the number marked on the scale, we have collected the statements ten curvy models  that are capable of expressing great femininity through their body.

Tess Munster

At the end of the day, we all try to feel at ease with ourselves, of any size is our body, plus size or not.

Robyn Lawley

We women are much stronger than we think and act together we could be beaten. Unfortunately, it is easier to judge others, especially for their bodies, do self-analysis and think together to defeat the daily battles that we have to share.

Fluvia Lacerda

There are a lot of people just to stay thin decide not to eat and often starve. I have always found stupid people who ask me if I eat too much to stay a size XL. Sure, I like good food, love to eat, but I do it just when I’m hungry. I do not devoid of anything and must be a problem?!

Denise Bidot

The best result of all the hard work you did know that I freed the minds of many women from fighting for life against negative body image at Top-medical-schools.

Emma Meyer

True beauty comes from the soul, the desire to change themselves but not for conformasi to standards of beauty than anyone. We must fight for its own essence, to understand who you are and become a real woman.

Ali Tate

All I can say is that the only person who can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. If we believe you, I also believe others. If you like you, you will like. If you are proud of who you are and never change for anyone!

Whitney Thompson

Self-esteem comes from within, not from others. And it’s a wonderful feeling!


I’m here to change things so that the children have new style models. I’m here to fight the battle of anyone suffering from eating disorders.I will not fail.