8 Tips on How to Straighten Hair

Does every morning with your hair struggles to make it perfectly straight? Here are tips on how to straighten your hair, you will know how to have a healthy hair and straightening curly, iron, hair products and others.

8. Straightening hair naturally

You need to mix 30 grams of olive oil, 1 capsule of jasmine oil, 30 grams cream to straighten hair that does not contain ammonia, apply this recipe to wash hair without conditioner and leave for 20 minutes and comb your hair as usual, but without the dryer.

7. Straightening hair comb and rulero

When washing your hair, you need to take a lock of the top of the head, and the height of coronillo, place a rulero. Then you have to carry all your hair on the right side to the left and let it dry.

6. Straightening hair with toga or touch

If you want to know how to straighten your hair before bedtime, you can dry it with touches or toga to the right to avoid having to wait for it to dry.

5. Straightening hair comb and dryer

If your hair is thin and sparse, it is recommended that you combs his head down. If thick, separate it layer by layer. So you know how fast and easily straighten hair.

4. Straighten your hair with shampoo and creams

A common way of how to straighten hair. Use first anti frizz shampoo or special one for Laciar, after a special conditioner and serum or cream to comb your hair.

3. Smooth the hair dryer

You have to use special products to protect your hair and then use the dryer apuntádonla down and as soon as you finish, put in the fresh air. So you see how smooth the hair without spending much time.

2. Straightening hair with round brush

Separate your hair into flat strips and wrap it for more volume with the brush to dry. One of the most useful tips on how to straighten hair.

1. Straighten hair with iron

It tricks on how smooth the most famous hair by now. It is not the fastest – you have to iron wet hair strand by strand. Nor should use it a lot – it can damage your hair.


When deciding how to straighten hair might also need natural dyes and hair accessories.