8 Tips for Decoration of Tables

Decoration of tables it must be adapted to the occasion, season and personal taste, but there are aspects that you should always take into account. So here are some some basic tips to make your table decor and be surprised your guests.

8. less is more

When you talk about decoration of tables, you must think of that elegant tables do not have too many embellishments. Decoration of tables It should be simple, for reasons of aesthetics and practicality. Minimalism is also fashionable.

7 clears the view

Very uncomfortable is that decoration of tables will not allow you to see the diner from in front. Food It is a time to share and is essential to the decoration of tables let you see the face of the person in front to be an actual connection.

6. forget about the scented flowers

If you use centerpieces in your décor you choose to dry, artificial flowers without smell or smells very subtle. This is because you don’t want that decoration will interfere with the taste of food and the smell has an important role in this.

5 combines all

For the decoration of tables look good it is important that combines all the elements: table linen, Center table, glasses and cutlery. Otherwise, your decoration of tables will look messy and improvised.

4 be Original

There are many styles of decoration and you can think of much more than flowers as a centerpiece. Use in your decorating, centres only with petals, Reiki type ornaments, colors, even chocolates decorative marbles. It shows your personality in your decoration of tables.

3. the form is important

For your decoration of tables reminds that the form of the Center of table should resemble the of your table. At a rectangular table, a rectangular Center looks good. Only in very large tables, you can play with different shapes in your decoration of tables.

2. thematic details

If your food has any reason in particular, you can incorporate it into the decoration of tables. For example, if it is to welcome a foreigner you can use the colors of their flag, and if it is for a party according to what held you can put that special detail.

1 candelabra

Chandeliers are a great decor item during the night, because in addition to being an elegant ornament, they are functional. However, using them only for dinner or it will look out of place.

Remember that your table decor speaks of your personality and warmth you have as host, surprise your family and guests with a good decoration.