8 Tips Double Bedroom Decoration

Decorate your master bedroom taking into account both practicality and romance. The fourth should be a comfortable place for both, choose an elegant decoration , rustic, among others.

8 limits the ornaments

Less is more in the matrimonial bedroom decoration, you can place pictures, small pictures, but avoid excess decorations of porcelain, stuffed animals bears, so will keep the room uncluttered and easy to clean.

7. warm colors

To choose the color of the walls and furniture, best bedroom decoration for marriage are the colors warm and romantic as the Browns, golds and cream colors.

6 furniture

Placed a sofa in the room, a two seater armchair can be ideal for reading or watching television, also helps to double bedroom decoration to be more welcoming.

5 hidden TV

A good idea to keep the romance is to place the TV in a Cabinet, there is furniture that allow this, so in the decoration of double bedrooms have an ideal space to be in pairs.

4 style

It defines your style when choosing decor double bedrooms, for example, if you like things more simple can choose the minimalist style, modern and very attractive.

3 bed

Undoubtedly the protagonist of the decoration of bedrooms marriage is it bed, so not skimp in expenses and choose a bed comfortable and with space enough for both, choose a model that harmonize with all the room.

2 space for two

Both members of the couple must have access to a place to store personal items, it is ideal place some headers with drawers or bedside tables to make double bedroom decoration perfect.

1 bathroom

Certainly something that should not be forgotten in the matrimonial bedroom decoration is the bathroom, choose a place that is ideal for unwinding, a tub can be an excellent choice.

The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces for the couple, remember not to neglect it and always give a personal, but full of comfort to strengthen physical and emotional ties.