8 Roman Sandals

If you’re a fan of open shoes and you love to show off the latest in footwear, then you should check these outfits Roman sandals, they are incredible. Combine them with short skirts and casual dresses and you’ll look very nice.

8. Planas Classic

For more conventional girls are sports sandals Whichever Shoes, they are very comfortable and look good with everything, jeans, skirts, shorts etc.

7. Open to Back

You are looking to be the center of attention? then choose this style of Roman sandals, bare back, look very sexy.

6. Flats with Fringes

If you are looking for a charming and trendy style, choose this type of Roman sandals, shorts and skirts combine them with jeans, a cute printed blouse and you will be very nice.

5. Color Planas

The colors give a different style to Roman sandals, make her look super young, cute and fashion. Put them to stand out at a party or outing with friends and sure draw attention.

4. Planas Style Booty

One of the most feminine and flirtatious Roman sandals, are a favorite of many girls for its resemblance to the flat boots.

3. Heeled sandal

If you’re short and you usually wear high shoes, then heeled Roman sandals are the best option for you stylize the figure and make you look beautiful in a trice.

2. Open Boot Style

There is nothing more than a Roman sandals fashion style boots, just look fabulous, combine them with some print dress and you’ll look amazing.

1. Style Boot Closed

Definitely no more representative than these Roman sandals, are almost identical to those used by the Romans, except that they are much more feminine and modern, if you want to attract all eyes, you wear them with shorts skirts or short dresses.

Roman sandals are a staple in the wardrobe of any woman in any of its versions, are very comfortable shoes that can always count on the hot season.