8 Creative ideas for Storing Pots and Pans

If our food is overrun with pots and pans, 8 these ideas will be helpful to place them in a more orderly fashion possible and so enjoyable from furnishing point of view. No matter how much space you have available, these solutions fit into any environment. Let’s see.

1. At the window

Put the pots in front of the window is a way to not take up room on the walls and gives a special touch to your kitchen.

2. On the wooden staircase

A small wooden ladder can become a pots and pans door. Very cute is the combination with this metallic drum that creates a modern angle.

3. In the carriage

Among the simplest solutions, the trolley is a classic. As this blue IKEA, fabulous three floors.

4. On the wall

If you have a lot of space, you can take advantage of a wall for storing your pots and pans. In this way they will be immediately available for use.

5. Under a shelf

Place the pots under a shelf, make the latter a piece of furniture.

6. Above the sink

As in this romantic Parisian style cuisine.

7. On the cabinet side

A practical way of vintage pans is directly enjoy the kitchen cabinet.

8. In rustic style

If you have a house in the country, this composition of natural wood shelves is perfect.