8 Beautiful Wavy Styles

Hairstyles with waves give you a more natural look. So today we present the best ideals styles for long or depending on the cut of hair you have hair. Do not miss these 8 amazing hairstyles made for you.

8. Style bob

Ideal for women with short hair, this example of hairstyles waves is very simple to do, just need to straighten your hair well, I split it in half and undulate side have more hair. Remember to use very large waves.

7. pronounced Fleco

If you like having a lot of volume on top of your hair, this example of hairstyles waves is the one for you. If you have not cut naturally in this way, you can get a crepe on top and secure it with a little spray. The wave should be mean if you have long hair.

6. Volume down.

This example of hairstyles with waves is the counterpart of the above, all the action occurs at the tips of your hair. You need a good conditioner for this look because it does not want to have anything to your wave frizz look fabulous.

5. Sea waves

This is one of the most striking hairstyles waves, begins with a few waves arranged in the upper half of the hair to end random waves at the bottom, is very elegant.

4. Tips wavy

For very long hair, this look wavy styles looks great in styles that do not have layers or bangs. With the completely straightened hair on top, light and soft waves in the hair tips will be made, starting from the ears.

3. Fleco thick and straight.

For those women who have long hair, this example of wavy styles will give you a youthful but mysterious and sexy at the same time look. After waving your hair, pass a brush to give extra volume.

2. Almost invisible

This example of wavy styles is better off women with long hair, really no matter the length, the waves are almost vertical with the rounded tips to give a very smooth appearance to the hair.

1. Classic

A style that never go out of style, this is an example of wavy styles that looks cute on any face, very elegant and vintage.

The wavy styles are ideal for any type of hair either long or short, any age, are a different option to give you a fun and natural style.