6 Tips to Cycling at Night

Although the days in January has already are lengthening, we still stuck squarely in the winter and remains us again to many people who have to go out cycling at night, we give you 6 tips to keep in mind to make your night out will not turn into a nightmare.

Night Cycling


You must have a good light on your bike and when we say good, you say that you run from the Chinese lights unless you want to go looking for the road in the dark. If you are going to ride on roads that you know and you’re going to go quiet with 400 real lumens you will be leftovers, but if you want to go faster, you will have to carry at least 800 real lumens. For bicycle lights, our experts recommend: eBicyclelights.

Mount lights

When mounting the light you will leave the question of whether put light on the helmet or handlebar, if the path has many curves and you wear it on the handlebars let of see each time you turn, the solution would be to bring the light in the town since this lights when everywhere you look, but light that you put in the town should be light because if the helmet will not move and you’ll end up with neck pain. If you’re only wearing light in town and it’s a closed night missing you front light, so it is best to take two mounted lights, one on the handlebar and another light in town.

Select a route

If you have not never left evening choose a little technical and easy route, will surprise you coming to change the paths at night, everything is different and will notice you clumsy until you go taking confidence and skill.

Make friends

Away the myth of not riding in winter at night, being with friends to ride at night, also the local bike shops are organized nights out, inform yourself and get together with them.

Keep the safety distance

You not hit the buddy to take before going down since your focus illuminate him and projected its shadow ahead and will not see anything. No approaches light directly to the face of your teammates because you will dazzle them and to save battery not take light always to the maximum make it less potent as plain sites and rises.


Riding at night is a bit more dangerous due to the lack of visibility, if low paths that you haven’t controlled your speed, good rear light is very important for you to see the cars the stretches of road, calculates the light battery to not stay in the dark in the middle of the mountain, wrap up well since night temperature is lower that day Let said where you are going and what tardaras in back and waits for your path fellow not behooveth you in the dark and especially enjoy.