6 Tips for Good Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag

Tips for sleeping in a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag keeps you warm by preventing air leakage, and therefore the heat. We can say that the heat source is not sleeping, but you alone. Your body heats the air, which is detained inside a sleeping bag. A layer of warm air then acts as a barrier to protect your body from the cold. Two fabric layers forming the sleeping bags are filled with feathers or artificial fibers so as to increase the insulating qualities of sleeping bag. For these reasons, the question of how “warm” is the one that sleeping bag, wrong. All sleeping bags are the same, differing only in their insulation properties that make them more or less quality.

6 tips for good sleeping in a sleeping bag

1) The fundamental aspect of good sleep quality mat to sleep on. Your body’s own weight compresses the wall of the sleeping bag and thus the insulation layer, which thus loses its properties. For this reason it is necessary to have a good sleeping pad. If camping out in winter, use two pads.

2) To increase the feeling of heat is good before going to sleep in a sleeping bag to eat. Digestion process causes your body will emit more energy and therefore body heat.

3) Dry layer of clothing, hats and socks are very important for sleeping during cold nights.

4) If possible, choose a sleeping bag with double zipper. Thanks zippers sleeping bag you can customize your convenience, for example, you will not have to sleep with your arms at your sides.

5) For warmth into my sleeping bag, you can put a hot water bottle. Not only keep you warm, but also in her case thirst at night are easy to find.

6) sleeping bag complete with soft clothes and have excellent cushion.

Functionality sleeping bag

There are several factors that affect the individual feeling of warmth or cold. These factors are physiological in nature and affect the ability of our body warm. Sleeping bag itself does not heat, the heat source is ourselves.

Age – The older we get, the harder it can be for us in a warm sleeping bag. It is generally true that young people are not so chilly.

Gender – Men and women have different perceptions of heat and cold. Women are more susceptible to feeling cold.

Physique – Slender woman measuring 150 cm sleeping bag will “sit” differently than men urostlému measuring 180 cm. Physique has an impact on how your individual sense of heat or cold.

Body weight – Every person has under the skin, a thin layer of fat that insulates and protects us from the cold. The body is larger, the larger the surface of the body generating heat. Heat losses are therefore lower.

Food and water – If during the day dodržujete drinks and accept food, it will also affect the quality of sleep. If you’re hungry and dehydrated, your body will be much harder to resist the cold.

Overall health – Certain health problems can make you more susceptible to cold, such as circulatory problems.