6 Ideas to Decorate White Walls

Has a white wall available at home and do not know how to fix it? Learn how to decorate with 6 incredible ideas!

If you have that white wall in a corner of the House you’re asking for a different decoration and full of style, get ready for super amazing tips that will leave your House or apartment with a special charm and without major reforms.There are endless possibilities to play with the walls of the House and do not always need to be very drastic changes to the visual be transformed completely. Because it is a neutral color that blends with all environments and decorating style, white is as a screen for you to have fun creating new things and always innovating in the style of your home.

Nowadays, even colored plates and hand-painted wall art seen who’s tuned in decorating trends. They work like small paintings, of irregular sizes and various paintings. Let’s go to the first idea to change the look of your home.Learn now to decorate white walls without having to change everything!

Plates: The Replacements Of The Tables For Those Who Enjoy Innovation And Modernity.

Decorating with plates creates a modern visual due to plethora of Visual compositions that is allowed to do with them. This type of decoration allows one to play with sizes and prints colorful dishes, which can be distributed on wall of irregular shape. There are no rules! Just lay out on the wall the way you prefer. Have the freedom to combine or not the colors of the pieces with the rest of the House decoration. You have the autonomy to define what you like more time to create your corner and leave it with your man.

Stickers: Create Scenes With Wall Stickers Using The Furniture As Part Of The Scenario

The wall stickers also allow the creation of various types of decoration on the white wall of your House. There are currently on the market, stickers with themes of nature like flowers and animals, which contains phrases motivational or snippets of songs, in addition to the geeks and gaming-themed designs. There are themes for all kinds of tastes, from the most delicate with smaller sizes or more daring to make up with the entire length of the wall. Some allow even until you combine the art of stickers with pictures of trips or special family moments. This type of decoration combines quite with lounge environment or dinner, kitchens and bedrooms.

Adhesive Tapes: To The Skillful Art And Who Enjoy A Personal Atmosphere

Playtime decoration made with colored tapes are a great way to decorate white walls and create a 100% custom environment. If you have skills with art and creating environments, will be able to create compositions with your face and style. If you don’t have, you can use the references from the internet and copy for the most varied environment of your home. The implementation is simple, just be with what you want to create defined and put his hand in the cookie jar! Buy tapes of assorted colors and prints to have many options on hand before you start to create.

Wallpaper: Infinite Possibilities Of Prints That Go Well In All Environments

The wallpapers are nowadays an icon of easy, fast and practical decoration for walls. Your application is sticker and with the use of only a plastic scraper to remove any bubbles you can apply alone on the walls of your House. This type of decoration combines with all environments of the home and the market has endless options of prints, from brick to the bolder compositions with floral prints and delicate or even with clapped out visuals.

Frames: A Classic That Never Goes Out Of Style

Time passed and no frames no longer trend in decorating. Of course, the look was redesigned and updated, giving way to less formal creations like movie posters, famous phrases and modern art. Add a frame around turns everything into a new frame, beautiful and super special because it creates an immediate connection with the owner of the House, who chose each according to your personality and personal taste.

Bright Neon Light Panels: Bold And Stylish Decor

Neon panels are modern and refer directly to bars and nightclubs, which has bright colored signs at their entrances. Give a special decoration when the lights are out or at the end of the day, with the arrival of the night. Generally, words of various subjects and colors with greater appearance are white, pink, Orange and green, all neon.

Like the ideas? You can decorate white walls in your House without much radical changes and that can be removed or exchanged with ease when you get sick of the decoration. Try now and tell us what was your favorite.