6 Fashion Tips to Hide the Belly

When we women have been or we have a little more belly we’re upset with everything that has to do with fashion because simply we deduce that nothing will fall well within us. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can get your clothes stay beautiful and still hides your belly with these fashion tips.

While working to eliminate that belly with diet and exercise can go disguising it to people to think that there are lost altogether. This ready to never see with belly?

Change Style Of Jeans: Wear High Waist

Maybe you’re not feeling comfortable with the jeans you’re wearing right now or maybe he select parts of your body that you don’t want to show.

The high-waisted jeans are spectacular to hide the belly, the more you got accustomed to using low-waist pants, 1 hour is near that need to change style, and don’t worry because if you know how to combine well, may become very hot.

Wear Loose Blouses

The baggy sweaters with jeans or leggings are also an excellent option to hide the belly. On the market you can find many ways to be able to combine the larguinhas tops or shirts with tight pants. The tissues of this style will help you feel comfortable and more sexy.

Cardigans For Warm Up

The jackets or cardigans can be allies in order to hide your tummy. To achieve this you will have to leave it open and that fallen side. If your cardigan is long you can put a wide belt over to create the illusion of cut at the waist. (Of course, with this heat this tip is for the cold days kkk)

Elastic Fabrics On Top

The elastic fabrics can be very useful to hide the extra pounds and I guarantee you will be very comfortable! If you use a blouse with elastic and pair it with leggings. Don’t have no sign of belly!

Use A Lot Of Dresses And Skirts

The dresses and skirts are also a great ally to disguise your tummy, but will have to find those pieces that enhance their lines, but also that heads up the abdominal area.

Fair and always low-cut dresses and poodle skirts look great, and the high-waisted skirts. Spectacular!

The Straps

If you want to hide your belly you can’t forget the straps. It is possible that after buying you don’t feel very comfortable with it. But once you’re with it will be beautiful! In addition, the straps help to shape your body leaving you more beautiful than he already is!