6 + 3 Useful Tips on How to Keep Towels Soft and Fragrant

How to get rid of unpleasant odors?
Nobody likes a stinky towel, especially after he had just showered. So if your laundered towels still unpleasant “smell” try to be washed in very hot water with 1-2 cups of vinegar. Then wash it once with the usual detergent. And after wiping always make sure that you have your Towels Good hanged in order to dry out completely.

What to do when sick suck?
Believe it or not, this is a common problem with newer towels. If it is to wash and dry the five or more times, you will help increase their absorbency. Repeated washing removes the chemicals which manufacturers use to be in the shop towels soft to the touch, as well as some colorants cause the towel does not absorb moisture.

They are rough as sandpaper
Nobody wants his towel was coarse and rough as a grater. But few know that, paradoxically, is the biggest mistake of adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle. “The fibers are thus literally, Flatten ‘to each other and towel will never be fluffy as ever. The ideal is to dry them in the dryer, if you do not select the cord. Never dry it on a hot radiator, the fibers will break and towel Ponies” says Lenka Kocourková of trade and La Maison, which sells towels German brand Move according to the blog.

Irritating to the skin

Do not overdo it with detergent. Even here, less is sometimes more. Generous dose of detergent is a common mistake. Always follow the recommended dosage. If you do not, linens not only better nevyperete, but it will cost you even more money. If you do not have a washing machine with a special program (evaluates the quality of discharged water, and if it will still dirt or detergent, adds an additional rinse), powder or gel can stay in your clothes and then irritate the skin.

The fibers of which are everywhere

Even in this case, it is best to wash towels and towels. Multiple washing, rinse and drying should remove loose fibers.

They faded

If you want your towels stayed the same color, add together the first wash with detergent and 1-2 cups of vinegar. Then dry them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Another bonus tips

  • Proper care begins even before the first use when you need a towel “SEPR” together with other equally colorful linens, preferably at forty degrees, so that the fibers pulled.Rather than use a powder gel.
  • If there is a towel stated that it is not appropriate for the use of chlorine bleach, do not use it! Even some white towels are finished, which should not be bleached.It could eventually weaken the fibers and cause the towels are less absorbent.
  • Read the label carefully on a towel before you wash it.In the washing machine wash towels always at the recommended temperature, and only with similar colors.