5 X Father’s Day Gifts

With barely a week to go until Sunday and father’s day it is time to think about gifts. For those of you who have not spent the entire salary on their vanity, here are five tips.

The tie is perhaps the most classic gift of all for father’s day.Unfortunately, there are very few who actually wears a tie today, reported by diseaseslearning.com. Therefore the handkerchief can be a better option. In addition, far less expensive. You just have to persuade 50-over to stop a little Paisley pattern in kavajfickan. Above, a selection from Rose & Born.

Cashmere storage
A stylish and practical way to store their cashmere sweaters. Sweaters should not be hung on the gallows, but instead kept folded in order to best retain their from. Cedar has an absorbent ability that keeps away moisture and at the same time provide the t-shirts a fresh scent. Here from Johnston’s.

Stylish storage is always a safe bet when it comes to gifts. A narrower case of only a few different cards wont be enough incentives to strip the bombastic jacket’s wallet which destroy the case. Here from Ettinger (English Hall).

The advantage of books over clothes is that the person who receives them never feel forced to wear them. The book can, in the worst case, always be set in shelf. In the best case, the person will find inspiration in it. In the recently released Style File: The World’s Most Elegantly Dressed, written by Iké Udé, figures 55 international style profiles that Lapo Elkann and Vogue editor Hamish Bowles. Among other things, to order via Amazon.

It is to be a fool to fail with this gift. Bet on a pair of comfortable wool socks now when winter approaches. This hundtandsmönstrade socks in Alpaca and Merino Wool from Scott Nichol.