5 Watch Models for Groom to Wear on Wedding Day

Everything ready for the big day: decoration and buffet closed, suppliers, contractors, of the major players adjusted. But we know the details that will make the difference, doesn’t it? In the case of the bride, the highlights are for the jewelry used, the hair and the bouquet. For men, with all the inherent minimalism genre, is the watch brand, literally the moment. As brides have endless options for accessories, men end up restricted to choosing a good watch for show. So it’s good that the choice is accurate! It is your personality that must be taken into account when deciding by accessory that tends to be the passion of the male ward. It should reflect not only the passing of the hours, but the style of your own. As all the details for the big day, that are chosen with care, the clock is also part of the ceremony, and will be immortalized in photos and in remembrance of the watchful gazes of guests. According to the different types of wedding and grooms personalities, we chose some templates for you take a look. Then check out:


Chic, sophisticated, reserved and without being lame. The contemporary groom is of type connected with new technologies, loves news, but still the classic — it’s a classic revisited, with a touch more modern and not so traditional. If you identify with this profile and the ceremony will have a lot of your taste, the best choice is the traditional brands which reinvent and adapted to the current fashion. In the case of Bulova watches. With contemporary models, the brand values for the quality and timeless choices, which are successful at any time.


The minimum is already the most, according to the minimalistic optics. Simple ceremony, without many frills, clean decor and simplicity in every detail. Fleeing the exaggeration of the years 80, the minimalist style arose in the 90 to serve as counterpoint to the previous decade and won fans around the world to this day. If you identify more with the functionality of things, will identify with the clocks of this style. Following this line, the Orient offers models with leather or metal straps.


For those who like to attend and surprise, the clock’s model might be different. Details, unusual or irreverent with bold design, the Technos brand models are the most fit that profile. There’s no way not to notice! Usually in larger size than traditional, brand watches from jibin123 bring colored backgrounds, various formats pointers and mixture of materials.


Simple and more intimate style, leaving the guests comfortable. The big day for informal groom couldn’t be different from your lifestyle: the clock is a detail, no ostentation, is a comfortable and casual accessory. The Condor reflects this style by presenting leather bracelets with colorful stitching apparent and larger numbers.


The pomp is definitely not part of the lifestyle of the sportsmen, which turns out to be reflected in the wedding ceremony. The taste for adrenaline is visible in the choice of models that join comfort and a certain boldness. Usually this kind of ceremony is held on the beach or outdoors, where there is the need for large formalities. So, Mormaii watches are those who more reflect this spirit of adventure, many of them with option of pointers.

If you’ve reached the clock selection, I imagine that the alliances have already been provided, right? But there is still time to make sure if that choice was the right one. Check here our complete guide to alliances and not run the risk of having made a mistake.