5 Truths Not What Are Always (And Believe Us Both Repeat)

We believe all. We are surrounded by charlatans, in the media and in our everyday life. They repeat ideas heard in turn to others, and all we have just making dogma of faith. If not we meditate upon them too, these unwritten rules end up shaping our comfort zone; a huge comfort zone in which our decisions are never questioned because we never took the foot of the pot of political correctness.

Because I have that reflected them. Well, thought, experienced and taken off the feet that comfort zone. I am not going to say that it is easy. Contradict as settled topics entails criticism, several questions and comments. But, what topics I am talking about?

Is there an age for every thing

«Age no longer have to leave all the» weekend». «Look at her, almost forty and» in love as a teenager”. «After a certain age, there is that» change of priorities». How often we have heard these comments? Hundreds.
But the problem is not how many times we have heard it, but how many times have discarded anything that would have made us happy by thinking that is no longer our time.

Who wrote these rules? When we allow that is guionizara our life? If at the age of fifty-three fancy taking a backpack and travel world, who dares to judge you?

We must not mix business with pleasure

Statistics that tell the work environment It is the place where the majority of relationships emerge. Normal, on the other hand, given that is where to spend most of our time. However, keep coming back us to the fatigue that so crappy phrase «where have the pot…».

I think that she is beyond any problems that can arise when you start a relationship with a co-worker, boss, employee, etc. But relationship is without risk? No. And that is surely not worth.

Parents may not be their children’s friends

I don’t say this to work at any age. I speak of the adult age. I’ve heard hundreds of times that that “parents are still exercising life» and not just be clear that I like the idea. I don’t see me in age of receive a RIF If I go with the Gin tonics.

When someone says that that «your parents may not be your friends», there is always a certain stop contempt the word friend. A friend – a good friend, at least – is someone that you supports low hours, which celebrates with you high, that you Listen to me unconditionally, that tells you the truths that hurt and that it would kill you in a duel at dawn. Seriously are these so different from the parents of functions?

Friendship with an ex is impossible

What hobby with! choose our friends It has around the world! Of course, some ex-we do not see them or in painting because, probably, never dropped us well out of bed sheets. But I can think of few better candidates to good friend a good family. If there was a day in which we deliver to that person our dreams for the future, What can be so serious to eliminate it completely from our lives when romantic love is?

I have always thought that you there purest feeling the friendship. More than romantic love. If we wanted someone to the point of share everything, If it continues to be the only person with which we understand with a look, will be more natural to hate him like that add to the club’s? most important people in our lives?

You are looking for a job for life

With the levels of unemployment that plague us, it is difficult to not seem frivolous to say “I don’t want a job for life”. Make it clear: I want to work life, but not the same work all my life.

We chose our careers to an age in which We know nothing of life. We are guided by what they tell us having more business outlets. And so we are, years later, in an office that does not look anything what we dreamed when we were younger, When even dreamed. A job that we don’t like, but that has some stability is the Cherry to the cake’s comfort zone. And if we stop dreaming to touch us lottery to give a kick to the head and? We take the reins from the rest of our working lives?

Topical help to coping with day to day. Live according to rules that make others is socially acceptable and, above all, comfortable. Again, comfort zone. And what about outside that area? Beyond the topics, are the opportunities, challenges and possibilities of change everything. The possibility of living our story, that we write. Outside the comfort zone, it is our life.