5 Tips on Wearing White Pants


The denim is a joker piece that we should have in the wardrobe if we want to create countless different productions and stylish taking advantage of the same piece. After all, it matches with virtually every kind of fabric, textures and styles. 

But it is foolish who still thinks it  is forbidden in the women’s wardrobe. And let’s show you some powerful tricks to create incredible productions with the play without fear of being happy. Check it!

5 Tricks To Wear White Jeans On Several Occasions 

The white jeans have their peculiarities, it is a cleaner piece and has a sophistication in the measure. If you take advantage of the glamor it has, you can create various stylish combinations without gliding in the visual. 

It is a fact that it requires a little more patience and care when creating the styles, but nothing that some good tips to facilitate your work. Let’s meet? 

1-Choose The Right Lingerie 

There’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing a piece that shows off your underwear, does not it? And white jeans have that feature. If you think you should wear white lingerie, it will be much more evident. Ideally choose lingerie in chocolate or nude colors, they will be imperceptible on white jeans. And no embroidery or print! 

2-Bet On The Clear Combinations 

If you want to create more sophisticated and discreet looks with white jeans , the best bet is to bet on clear and delicate combinations. The white blends perfectly with pastel shades, caramel, nude or gray. 

3-Match With Flowery Shirts 

Now that we are in the spring, you will be able to blend perfectly with flowered shirts of fluid and lightweight fabrics. Also bet on heels, if you have the slimmer silhouette bet on the colored sneakers, if you have the most advanced hip, prefer the heels, scarpins or platform to lengthen the silhouette. 

4-Choose The Ideal Model For Your Body Shape 

Nowadays with the most varied modeling jeans we have, white jeans is no longer prohibited for Plus Sizes models, for example. The only thing needed is the good sense in choosing the best model of jeans that fits your body. Normally the ideal models for women plus skis are the skinny, already for those who have wide hips, the ideal to balance the proportions is the flare jeans. Prefer the tightest and waistband of the waistband. 

5-Strong Bet On Accessories 

Especially in more discreet looks with light tones, the accessories are allied parts for incredible production. The dark belts are responsible for marking the silhouette and give a greater prominence in the visual. You can bet on the maxi colored necklaces, bracelets, maxi earrings and flashy purses are sure bets.

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