5 Tips for Whom will Camping for the First Time

When you talk about camping, some people-like me-frown. Whether due to allergy to insect bites, fear of everything that is a bug, of the dark, of frogs, of getting water in the tent, of losing myself and staying forever in the bush and being raised by wolves or monkeys… Of course many Of these things will not happen, unless you’re not prepared.

The first time I camped, I was a 12-year-old girl with all the fears I mentioned above. It was summer. I packed with all the summer clothes I could take and went into the woods with some of the young men in the church. But, I was not prepared as I should, so the experience did not encourage me to go back.

For you to enjoy and enjoy the camp, follow some tips for first time camping·


Even in summer, if you are in the woods, it will be cold at night. Sometimes very cold indeed. So, wear warm clothing, socks, cold sweaters, pants and blanket if you do not have sleeping bag.

2. Flashlight

Never forget the flashlight. At my camp, I took one and she looked beautiful and big in my backpack. And it was there that she stayed every day of the camp, because I forgot the batteries! Can such a thing? No. You can not. Flashlight without battery does not work.

Close ZIPER!

Never. Never leave the zipper of your tent open. Of course I forgot the zipper of my open tent. Of course a frog entered. Of course I almost died of fear! So, whenever you leave the tent, close. Not only because of the frogs, but other animals can enter, like venomous animals that do very bad to health.

4. List

Make a list of what to take, not to take things too long or forget the most important. Here on the site there are more articles with a few reminders about respecting the rules of the camps. Read 10 rules your kids should know for the holidays at camp.

5. Have Fun With Responsibility!

This is my last tip: have fun! If you are in the rain it is to get wet!Respect the environment and photograph the landscape.

Even if you do not like camping, you will agree with me that you can enjoy the beauty of nature and spend pleasant hours of conversations and laughter around the campfire!

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