5 Tips for Fishing Equipment

Invest in good fishing equipment makes all the difference and ensures more fun and security in time to practice the activity. But for the investment lasts for a long time you need to do a maintenance on equipment that ultimately becomes their fellow weekend-after all, a bad state equipment ends up damaging fishing.

Check out five tips to fishing equipment maintenance and learn how to keep them any longer from equzhou.

Start by cleaning the rod

As soon as I get home, separate all your fishing equipment and start the cleaning rod. In the process of maintaining fishing equipment check if she is worn out or some malfunction, as some fishing rods of graphite material are more fragile and end up suffering damage to catch a large fish or even knocking on surfaces.

If you look at any slot, check if the damage was deep and if, ideally, you search a person specializing in for repair or acquire other equipment. If the damage is superficial, apply Epoxy can help. Wash your stick only with running water and if you feel the need to use a little neutral SOAP.

Wipe the reel and reel

The reel and reel require special attention at the time of fishing equipment maintenance. Residues of salt and sand can compromise the equipment and harm future fisheries, so it is important that you wash them under running water. Typically, the manufacturer gives instructions for maintenance of equipment that can be followed at home.

If you know how to work the equipment, your can choose to take it apart and clean the parts carefully with the aid of oil, water and kerosene. But remember: only do this if you know how to handle each piece, because some may not be wet.

Change the lines regularly

The constant use of the line causes her to start to lose elasticity, causing can blow easily. Keeping this in view, use the same lines at most five fisheries followed and change after this period. Don’t let the line be with opaque aspect, because when it reaches this State is because the material is already compromised.

Transport the equipment in proper place

Carry your fishing equipment one way is another way to make it last longer. The ideal is to take the rod, reel and reel separately in bags and tubes. This will prevent the equipment break or scratch.

Always have a bag with compartments to keep the lines and other equipment separately, making time to find what you need.

Do specialized maintenance

With the fishing equipment modernizing is increasingly hard to meet all the parts and disassembling of the correct way to do the maintenance. So it is recommended that you take all your stuff to a maintenance with a specialist every three months. He will evaluate the conditions of all the equipment and analyze the frequency with which you should care.

The specialist will clean all parts and you’ll have a practically new equipment at hand.

The maintenance tips for fishing equipment include cleaning and care of the transport of parts and make the investment that you made will not be thrown down the drain. Tell me in the comments as you usually do to maintain your equipment or ask your questions!

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