5+ Pregnancy Symptoms that the Father Feels

Heartburn, motion sickness, weight gain, craving to pee all the time are some common symptoms among pregnant women. More or less all women experience some of these symptoms. What about the future dads? Learn some pregnancy symptoms that the parent may feel.

5+ Pregnancy Symptoms that the Father Feels

The truth is that many parents feel pregnancy symptoms. It’s called affinity pregnancy.

The pregnancy symptoms felt by going occur due to a strong emotional connection with the future mom.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Weight gain

The most obvious and visible symptom is weight gain. The tummy of the future dad increases during pregnancy.

The father’s weight gain is due to two main factors. The first is to change the power supply. The man usually follows the wishes of the pregnant woman. If the pregnant woman wants an ice cream, a man eats an ice cream.

Another factor responsible for man’s weight gain in pregnancy is stress and anxiety. Stress increases the urge to eat, but especially the urge to eat sweet and savory foods.

Vomiting and Nipples

The anxiety and nerves of the future papas is the main reason for men to feel nauseous and nauseous.

The way men deal with anxiety will determine whether or not these symptoms appear. Nerves can make it difficult to digest food and cause poor mood.

Many men find it difficult to externalize their fears. Talk to your partner and explain that it is normal.

Willing to Pee at All Time

This is one more common symptom among prospective dads. Again it is due to anxiety and nervousness.

Pregnant women with pregnant men will have to share the bathroom.

Sexual desire

Sexual desire in pregnancy varies greatly from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some pregnant women feel like having sex during pregnancy while others feel an increased desire.

So do the future dads. Some get more excited others refuse to do for fear of harming the baby.

In this case it is very important to have dialogue in the couple.


For it is some men feel so much affinity with the pregnancy of the woman that they end up feeling the pains of the contractions.

The good news is that these symptoms disappear after the baby’s birth.