5 Minute Hairstyles

All women we like to look good, but sometimes do not have much time available to invest in our peinado. Por this, we share six options for hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes.

Side Braid

This option is very functional, can take it for a dinner, the university or work. Divide the hair cup taking a lock and braid down the remaining hair. Tied with a rubber band and gently expands the braid sideways. Place a strip on the back end and you’re ready.

I bun with Moño

It is perfect for a night out with your friends to coffee. Collect all your hair to make a ponytail but leaves half the bun so that it is like in the picture. Divide into two parts bulging portion toward ends and turns to give the appearance of a bun. If you want you can apply fixative spray to finish.


If you prefer your hair in addition to simple looks elegant, this is an excellent option, you only need to tie your hair with a link so that it is a low ponytail, then split into two pigtail and introduce your hair, pull and stretch your ponytail . So you must, until you have used all your hair. So that no whisker is not out, secured with pins and ready. You will have collected very cute.

Coiled braid

Separate your fringe or tuft of hair toward the front. This braid is tejera to the side you like. At the end you will place a rubber band and braid enroscarás same side, jamming with the pins you require.

Loose Hair Braiding

If you prefer to wear your hair but give it a different twist , this is the best option. Only separates your fringe and make a very thin braid over your head, under the hair stuck with pins. Brush again what you left loose and ready.

Chongo Express

If you’re going to the gym, you like to have your hair tied completely or fulfill any activity and do not want even a hair out of place, decide by this hairstyle. Make a ponytail either high or low, depending on where you want the location of your bow, use a thin league. Screw the hair until you go forming a churro in your head. Stuck with pins and if you need to add a little fixer.

What did you think? All are very simple and based on braids and chongos. Test and perform them gradually improving and making you go faster. We recommend that if your hair is very rebellious or frizzy, opt to use a styling cream to go molding while you comb your hair or add fixative spray finish your favorite brand.