5 Hairstyles for Long Hair with Braids

The hair length can be a true marvel and also be a torment when we run out of ideas to comb and keep it in order. Hairstyles with braids are one of the best solutions in order to have long hair.

 Braid side

Uncool. Any woman with long hair can use it. It is a matter of directing the hair to one side of the head and braiding. Hairstyles with simpler and more elegant braids.

 Braid in chongo

A hybrid of hairstyles with braids where they are threaded chongo way. It’s a great option for women with long hair, quite long. In a ponytail is braided hair curls and achieving a very original bun.

  Fishtail Braid

One of the best hairstyles with braids of the season. Long hair is braided with interweaving tight and aesthetic that gives an original touch by adding a decorated bar.

 braid Headband

The braid on the front of the head can be really good. A braid headband way is the favorite choices for long hair and make women look groomed without falling into excessive formality.

 two braids

We moved hairstyles with braids classic one to two hair braids starting just half. It gives a touch of freshness, youth and dynamism. It is an ideal place for daring and women who want to try new things hairstyle.


Remember that any proposed hairstyles with braids can be complemented by a bar, an ornament or an accessory that will highlight your hairstyle Do not wait and try some of these hairstyles with braids!